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Hello. I just found this group. I am finishing my degree through the distance learning program at Judson. I was just wondering if there were any other distance learners on this site. Also any advice or comments about classes would be welcomed.
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hey ladies,
Quick request. I am wanting to order a place setting of Judson china and I went to the web site but couldnt find the link to the bookstore. I know at one time it was set where you could order them online. If someone could send me that link, assuming its still there, that would be great.

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Hi there! I hope this isn't breaking any community rules or anything — didn't see any in the info — but feel free to delete if necessary.

We have a great community going on over at womenscolleges where future, current, and former students of women's colleges and their supporters can get together and talk about women's colleges and their own schools. We would love to have some members from Judson, since I don't think any have posted yet. Come talk with other women's college students from across the country!

Also, there's another community called campusreviews where people can write reviews about their own colleges. The idea is to get prospective students interested by giving them an inside look. I love it when we're able to promote women's colleges, especially the smaller ones, using that community, so if anyone wants to take a few minutes to write something up or maybe even post some pictures, that would be terrific.

Thanks so much!
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Hello everyone!

I updated the layout and color scheme for the community, as I hadn't done anything with it since I created it -- oopsies! :)

I finally have a break, so it's a chance to do all of the things that I have been putting off for a while. Now, I just have to psyche myself up to go back for my last semester of grad school!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! May 2006 be the best yet for all of us!

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I was looking at the website earlier and thinking. This weekend I will be getting together with hopefully several of my Judson friends for a wedding. I read through the more recent wedding anouncements and I realize there are some folks who I was fairly close to then but dont talk with anymore. One in particular that i didnt even know had settled down with ONE guy and got married. I happend to see her married name it the email list. The I went to the memories page. Its the one that lists all the alumni who have passed away. Many of them from way back. At least I guess these women were old. Then I made the mistake of scrolling all the way down. 2004... I didnt know Lindsey Potts well. I mean I knew who she was but seeing her name on that list. I just started crying. I was on campus a couple of weeks after the accident and was stunned to hear but it hit me tonight for some reason. We think we have forever. If there is someone in this community who was her friend...*hugs*

ok im going to go now and stop crying. Sorry if I depressed anyone but I had to say something.....
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Real World Shocker?

Has the transition from the bubble to the "real world" been a shock to anyone else's system? I got so used to not worrying about bills and work and housing arrangement and closet space. Now it's just the opposite and I have to worry about everything, even stuff I didn't think I'd ever worry about.Anyone in the same boat?
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alumni directory password?...

I have sent my information for the alumni directory twice now and both times I was supposed to get the password in two business days. This was a month ago and Ive yet to get it. Did anyone else try and have this problem? Its frustrating because my info is on there and I cant access anyone elses. shesh...and this community not having secured settings I wont ask for one but yeah...

Hey Judson Girls

It's strange to look back and see how much Judson has changed since Freshman year. I remember the seniors saying "Judson's just not the same place it used to be" when i first came and now I understand what they meant. I shudder to think how much it's changed since they were freshman.
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the cookbook

did any of you get one of the cookbooks? I picked one up on J-day and, geez, they are really pretty. I don't cook, so I'll probably just look at it, but it was really well done.

Happy end of the semester!!