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10 March 2005 @ 08:24 pm
Who's going?

I think I'm going just to pick up my cookbook (geez, I don't know why I bought one. I don't cook), and go to the step sing. I think I'd like to spend the rest of the day milling around the campus and Marion. Ah, good times.
08 February 2005 @ 08:18 pm
hey everyone that reads this. I'm having a slight missing Judson moment. I just got my songcards out and looked at them and sang a little. Geez, these moments hit at the weirdest times. Am I alone here?

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24 October 2004 @ 12:33 am
13 days left! This will be my first time back on campus in over a year, my graduation ceremony in June of 03. before that I had not been sense December '02 when I finished up. Two years sense I played hockey. WOW! Time has passed quickly. I am looking forward to beating some all-stars :-Þ

oh just curious. What was the pageant this year? Part of me wanted to go see it but getting off work was impossible, that and well I didnt know anyone in it. I do like to keep up with it though.

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09 September 2004 @ 11:55 pm
Let me know if you want more info!
09 September 2004 @ 07:48 pm
When I found this I immediately thought of the women that I am close to. All of them are from Judson. My big sis roundelais and the rest of those who walked with me down those hallowed halls shaped my life in a big way. Those friendships made there will last a life time. I just thought Id share this. (its long so I cut it to save space on your friends page.

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21 July 2004 @ 01:37 am
Last August or Early September, we will be having the Inaugural Alum Chapter Meeting in Atlanta!

Let me know if you want more info!!
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06 June 2004 @ 04:48 pm
Well, it's been kind of quiet around here for the past little while. I apologize for not being around all that often, but things have been really crazy for me. I just finished moving to Texas! I'm starting my masters degree in student services administration at Baylor University in the fall, which is exciting. I had to move out here this summer, though, for my graduate assistantship, which started at the beginning of June.

Texas is so much different than Florida, Georgia and Alabama. It's going to take me a little while to get use to it. I think the thing I miss the most is the sweet tea. Hardly any restaurants here make sweet tea...

In other news, congratulations to Dr. Brian Burnes and Mrs. Valerie Pope Burnes on their wedding this weekend!
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20 April 2004 @ 08:46 pm
Ohmygosh! I'm so glad there is a Judson Community now. hi by the way, ^_^ Sadly i only got to go to judson for my freshman year. i had to come home for a lot of reasons, but i had the best time of my life at judson and i miss it terribly.

i have all sorts of wonderful memories (including getting to have the huge room on the third floor of kirtley ^_^) but, i would have to say that my best memory is my last senior serenade. Jewett had been closed all year for those renovations, but we got to go in the foyer and sit on our blankets with our "animals" and stuff. and it was just so sweet, and my grandbig took me and mbs on the seal and we took tons of pictures and, well, you know what i'm talking about. one of those mushy bonding moments you have ^_^. It was especially sad because all the girls were really emotional with it being the last senior serenade for a lot of the seniors and stuff.... anyway, yeah.

Oh, and what family's were ya'll in. I was/am a baby bee.
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14 April 2004 @ 12:16 pm
i was sent here by mls gabookwrm....yay! how lovely to have our own lj group. kudos!

i'm class of '96, and while i was at judson i was senior class president '95 and editor of the triangle. recently i remembered a prank i was involved in my freshman year. we had been warned many times that we were not to attempt to sneak over and paint the mmi tank pink as had been the "tradition" in earlier years. so instead, several of my fellow jewett dormmates and i bought yards and yards of pink ribbon, tied bows, and went over one night and tied them all along the front fence. very fun :)
12 April 2004 @ 11:09 pm
Hello ladies. Alas, I'm not an alumnae yet, though now I am card-carrying. ;) I'm a senior here at Judson counting my days(75) and getting more nervous by the hour. Is the real world as bad as it seems?

It's so good to see a Judson community. I'm trying myself to get more Judson girls on Livejournal, so we'll see. I hope it will be good and strong. :)

As far as my favorite memory, it was the last serenade with my dearest friends. I tried to make people laugh and remember the good times and not have to think about what is ahead. I made my roommate laugh, and my godlittles kept me laughing with their serenade animals making little dancing motions to 'Once upon a time' and 'Rosy Goblet.' That was a fun serenade.
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